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Sports Surfaces by IceCourt

As in any sport, the surface is an important element. In roller hockey, the surface makes all the difference, nothing else really matters. A fast game is exciting for the players and thrilling for the audience.

IceCourt Exxess

The only floor specifically designed for inline hockey. The modules click together without the slightest gap or seam for the puck to catch. The wheel grip is perfect. This makes IceCourt is the fastest skating surface with specific, patented design elements to speed up the game of inline hockey.

Ice Court Exxess skate floor

IceCourt Outdoor

A rigid tile surface, which holds up to the harsh environment of outdoor hockey. Our precision locking system with expansion joints and springs is specifically designed for extreme temperature changes. It�s smooth surface makes it a formidable surface for outdoor basketball and recreational sports. IceCourt Outdoor can be installed as a permanent or portable inline skating surface.

inline hockey on IceCourt 
Outdoor surface

IceCourt Pro

IceCourt Pro was designed to simulate the same feel, skating characteristics and puck behavior as ice hockey while using inline skates. It was designed to be left in place during winter, by freezing it in the ice. The combination of a faster puck together with a super fast skating surface has made the game of inline hockey as exciting as ice hockey.

Inline Hockey World Championship 


IceCourt's MultiSport is a solid top tile surface suitable for gymnastics, ball sports and roller sports. MultiSport is a sports floor we developed with the input from many multi-purpose facility operators. They demanded that the floor holds up to the harsh environment of various sports, including inline hockey. Our MultiSport module is the heaviest and sturdiest in the industry.

MultiSport floor


The SkateCourt flooring system is the only surface developed specifically for skating rinks. Our patented surface design gives quad skates and inlines the best grip in the industry. SkateCourt is the most modern technology for general skating, speed skating, artistic skating and inline hockey and the combination thereof.

SkateCourt floor
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